Anglesey competition – update and entry procedure

Preparations are continuing apace for our competition on Anglesey in late June and we are hoping that a good number make the journey out of our usual area – we are keen to promote TREC on the island of Anglesey so some friendly Central faces to help the atmosphere and encourage new competitors will be very welcome.

The competition will take the usual format (POR on Saturday, social event and meal on Saturday night, MA and PTV on Sunday). We have been asked if we would run a Level 2A and are considering doing so. Entries will be taken from 1st June, and we hope to be trialling TREC GB’s own online entry system, TREC ENTRY, with this event.

Places can be reserved now by emailing Please send your name (and the name of your pair, if appropriate) and the level you wish to ride at. If you are interested in Level 2 or 2A then please state if you would like to ride at 2 only, 2A only or either 2 or 2A if only one of those levels is offered. For anyone unfamiliar with the distinction, levels 2 and 2A have exactly the same MA and PTV but a 2A POR can be slightly more technical and may include grid reference and/or bearings section(s). The length is the same at 15-25km.

Full details of the location, etc, can be found on the Calendar page.