Park Farm competitor information

Central TREC Group is delighted to be hosting the first SEIB Summer Series competition of the 2020 season – it is very late in the year to be saying so but at long last lockdown has eased enough that we can get out competing again! The competitor information and start times for Saturday’s competition are available below and on our Calendar page.

The current Covid-19 situation will mean a number of changes to the ‘normal’ way that competitions run but we hope and trust that everyone will bear with us so that we can enjoy ourselves safely. Please arrive as close to your start time as you dare and depart promptly once you have finished so that we can minimise the risks to everyone, especially given the distances that some are travelling to be with us. All competitors and volunteers are asked to comply with all social distancing guidelines so that we can keep competing on into the autumn – if we take liberties now then future competitions may be cancelled.

Competitor start times

Competitor information

We are holding briefings for competitors and volunteers via Zoom on Thursday 27th August, the time of the riders’ briefing is in the competitor information (8pm) and the judges’ one will preceded it by an hour (ie 7pm). If any rider or judge has not received a Zoom invitation by 4pm on Thursday please email and it will be re-sent to you. The briefings will be recorded so anyone who can’t attend should email to request a link to the recording.

All paperwork will be quarantined for 72 hours after the event and scoring will then be done, together with the checking needed for any competition’s scores. Provisional results will therefore be released on or after Sunday 6th September on this website, please don’t ask for results before then. There will be time given for checking and queries before the scores are finalised. We will try to give further information about why particular scores were given but may not be able to – remember that the query process is merely there to ensure that scores have been entered into the computer correctly. No scores awarded by judges will be altered later except by the Technical Delegate.

Please send any questions that you have about the event or the Covid-19 precautions that we have put in place to We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!