Park Farm provisional results

The provisional results for our competition at Park Farm can be accessed here.

Level 1 POR scores MA scores PTV scores

Level 1A POR scores MA scores PTV scores

Please use this online form to submit any queries (one form per query please, as it makes it easier to track them and make sure they’re all answered). Query outcomes will be notified to the email address you put on the form, so please check it carefully!

The deadline for any queries is Friday 11th September at 4pm. Final scores and placings will be published over the weekend 11th-13th September (the TD is working on Saturday and competing on Sunday so we can’t be certain exactly when they will go up).

Many thanks to everyone who came last weekend, our judges were brilliant and all our riders were as patient, flexible and good-humoured as we could have wished – and the rain didn’t start until the last rider was doing their PTV, so that was even better!