2016 AGM and Committee elections

The  Central TREC Group AGM (on 13th November 2016) is the prime opportunity in the year for Central’s members to feed back to the committee about how the club is running, raise any concerns and make suggestions for changes or improvements going forward.  The club’s accounts will be presented and the Chair will give their report about the year that has just finished.

Central is of course run by its committee and while this body is in good heart at present we are always delighted for more people to join us if they would like to be involved.  It is ideal if the committee includes members with a range of TREC experience so that we can represent the membership as effectively as possible. The committee meets approximately once every 3 weeks, alternating between face to face meetings (at locations chosen to suit the serving committee members and usually rotating between 2 different places to minimise travelling) and free conference calls.  Please email central@trecgroup.co.uk if you would like to stand for election to the committee (whether you are planning to attend the AGM or not, you can be elected in absentia if necessary). One third of the committee resigns each year by rotation, though some or all of these committee members may wish to stand for re-election.

The committee elects the officers (principally Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer but there are a number of other roles too) from among their number at the first committee meeting after the AGM.  This year our founding Chairman, Anna Weston, has expressed her intention to step down from the role after 5 years so we will be seeking a new Chairman.  Please email Anna (anna.weston@gmail.com) if you would like more information about what the role entails. Full details about who is currently on the committee and the named roles within it will be on the AGM agenda.