Central TREC Group wins inaugural Club Challenge!

20 members of Central TREC Group headed up to Scotland for the first TREC GB Championships of Great Britain, which  was held at Temple near Edinburgh on the 14-16 August.  The event ran very smoothly, despite the heavy rain for most of the Friday, and everyone had a great weekend. The POR took place in the picturesque countryside of the Scottish Borders, the PTV, run over 4km around the venue, was a challenging Championship course which tested horses and riders effectively and the MA proved to be a tough nut to crack!

The club entered two teams in the Equisafety Team class, which incorporated the inaugural NEST Club Challenge.  The teams were:

Central Adventurers: Anna Weston (club chairman, level 4 Individual), Leigh Nixon (level 3 Individual), Helen Martin and Mary Weston (level 3 Pairs), Bev Stevens and Steph Davis (level 3 Pairs), Claire Pollard (level 2 Individual) and Alex Sales and Rachael Wilmot (level 2 Pairs).

Keysoe Central Crusaders: Bain McLeod (level 3 Individual), Heather McLeod (level 2 Individual), Sasha Warrener (level 2 Individual), Sue Squirrell and Lynsey Ellis (level 2 Pairs), Sally Elliott and Julia Ironside (level 2 Pairs) and Natalie Hodgkiss and Julie Allsop (level 2 Pairs).

Central members did fantastically well in their classes, including three wins among their number, and the Central Adventurers won the Team class. Central TREC Group will therefore be the first name on the North East Scotland TREC Club Challenge trophy!

All three Nations Cup teams (England, Scotland and Wales) contained Central members, and in this event England emerged victorious.

Julie Allsop and David Bates organised a fabulous meal for the Sunday night of the Championships which was attended by Central members and also riders and supporters from other TREC clubs from around the country.  It was a brilliant way to round off the weekend and demonstrated how friendly TREC really is!