CTG Virtual Season 2020

Due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have had to postpone and cancel all the summer season events that we had planned including our inaugural GrassRoutes series.

However, just because we’re staying home doesn’t mean we can’t still practise TREC!

We have been working away busily to develop a virtual summer series so that people can have a go at TREC from the comfort of their own homes or stables if they can get there. We hope you have now registered your interest but if not, please email virtual.season@trecgroup.co.uk.

A basic outline of how it will work:

  • The challenge is open to members and non-members.
  • Members will have the chance to win the Central TREC Group Challenge Salver whilst non-members will play for fun (we are looking at doing commemorative rosettes for a small fee if there is interest).
  • There will be one virtual ‘competition’ run each month with each competition containing 4 phases drawn from:
  1. Virtual Map Room: copy your route from the master map against the clock;
  2. Ride Your Route (POR): answer questions based you what you expect to see/encounter on your route;
  3. Obstacles (PTV): to be completed either with your horse or other 2 or 4 legged friend who is sharing lockdown with you;
  4. Basecamp: learn how to get set up for a comfortable weekend away;
  5. Judging: learn the rules, watch others do obstacles and have a go at judging their efforts; and
  6. Organisers’ challenge: have a go at planning some parts of a virtual TREC.
  • You complete the different phases of each competition, load the relevant video/photo (as appropriate), complete the mini quizzes over the month, log them on your log sheets and at the end of the season sent the log sheets to us for verification.
  • The challenge will be run on an honesty basis but we will do a few spot checks on the Facebook page etc to see that videos have been loaded etc.

The Virtual Challenge will be run mostly through our facebook group Central Challenge – Virtual Summer Season so please join the group to access all the content.

You can access the log sheet here – this is basically a set of yes/no questions as to whether you have completed the challenges or not and at what levels. Please use this to submit your responses to each month’s challenges. We don’t know if it lets you save progress so recommend filling it in once you’ve completed all the challenges for that month.

The blank judging sheet can be found here. This has tabs at the bottom for each month’s obstacle challenge.

Some aspects of the challenge (e.g. map reading) have to be run by email as maps cannot be published on social media for copyright reasons.

We really hope that you all enjoy the challenge and it helps pass the time in Lockdown quicker and gets you itching to come to a competition once we’re all allowed out again!