Post lockdown plans and aspirations

Spring is starting to spring and, thanks to the fabulous efforts made in rolling out Covid-19 vaccines, there is a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel at long last, so your hard working and enthusiastic committee have been putting some tentative plans together.

Arena TREC season – our second arena TREC of the 2020-21 season (slightly confusingly named ‘Moulton 6’, but that is a sign of the craziness of the last year!) ran on 11th April at Moulton College near Northampton. The day was great fun, despite having the full gamut of weather from bright sunshine to snow!, though lots of people found their rules knowledge and general TREC skills were a bit rusty…

Park Farm GrassRoutes Series – we are looking to run a series of level 1 competitions from our longest-standing CTG venue (we’ve been there for every one of our 10 years as a club so far!)

  • Park Farm 1 – Level 1 and TREC-nicality Sunday 20th June
  • Park Farm 2 – Level 1 and Pony club Challenge Saturday 10th July
  • Park Farm 3 – all-levels competition run in conjunction with our neighbouring club, Keysoe and Three Shires TREC – Saturday-Sunday 28th-29th August

We are also looking to be involved with the Horses To Health Relay, which is running in our area 8th-21st August. Plans are still in developments, watch this space for details as they become available.

We would like to run training for our members and may look to do this online in order to reduce travelling, particularly for unmounted training. If you are interested in doing online judges’ training before the Park Farm dates please email

Please do also contact us via if you have any suggestions or requests for venues / events / training sessions / etc that you would like to take part in or help with in 2021. And remember – horses need to be vaccinated against equine flu and humans should be vaccinated against Covid-19 (when you get the chance to get yours!)