Grids and Bearings Training 2012

“Brilliant day, learned loads, Julia is a fantastic trainer, perfect venue and catering, invaluable , thank you Central Trec Group!” Mary Morgan

As a complete beginner at TREC, I went along to the training day at Barr Beacon in Walsall.  I was in a group of 12 others, all looking very different and with different kit on.  We had a brilliant teacher in Julia with 22 years experience of teaching orienteering and competing in TREC and who made it fun and very interesting.  We set off by measuring how many strides we all did over 100m and later moved to a steep hill to see the difference a slope made to our stride both up and down and did it a few times to get the average.

We did a bearings course around Barr Beacon a very beautiful site. Julia set us off and we had to work out the number of strides to the distance to the next marker.  We all got there and felt pretty good when Julia told us we had a 10 metre area around marker.  Only problem we found was a dense wood we had to work out a way of getting round.  We did a total of 8 bearings, leaving the brain a bit frazzled but thrilled that we were competent enough to do it. Then a convoy drive back to Forge Mill Farm for a fantastic lunch, then grids training. Julia showed us how to work out the first grids on a map and then when we had worked out 9 more grids on a map took us out to find our way round the course.  It was a brilliant day and reinforced my feelings that TREC is definitely for me.  Everyone was so friendly and kind to each other. I will definitely try and practise – practise – practise and hope Julia can tell at the Sandwell comp in April that I have worked hard at it.  Thank you to all concerned who organised such a superb event it looked so smooth that we knew someone had put a lot of work into it.

Susan Norbury



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