Park Farm TREC 2013

Here is a short report from Bev Stevens on our first TREC of 2013 at Park Farm in April.
This was a great comp to start the season with,  I was glad it was a short L3 as it was soooooooooooooo windy !
The COP & most of the PTV was in a very large outdoor arena. The pairs did theirs first, then a short break and into the map room, route plotted, a few dinks in it that we highlighted then as we were leaving the map room we were given our grids. We went round to the start (other side of farm buildings) & plotted our grids. We both agreed on them then set off round the farm fields, found the first manned ticket, hopefully from the right direction then up onto the road where we came to the first CP and 4 more obstacles . We set off again and came  across a punch but didn’t think it was where we had plotted, then spotted another punch round the corner and we agreed that was the one we wanted. It was the same again with the next punches; we agreed on the one nearer the railway line so punched that then up onto the disused line, dink off the path, manned ticket and then a lovely canter all along the line. We turned into the fields where we had another dink which took us into a CP for the bearings. These worked out fine, we did them in walk & hopefully got the end route right into the CP, which also had the last obstacle which was the water crossing. We got a bit lost after opening our maps but found the right gateway and set off again. Once we were on the right track it was an easy route back towards home with some smashing long canters. We trotted back up the road & through the finish, quick health check then it was time to pack up and set off home. I decided not to go on the motorway as it was blowing a gale and so chugged back to the black country on the A roads.
Thanks for a great day and a super route. It was the first competition that myself and Julie had done together and Thomas & Henry were fab.
Thanks to Claire and the other organisers and all the judges & helpers. Another great competition from CTG!