Summer League

Central TREC Group offer a Summer League to their members this year, which will reward members for placings achieved at any level as an individual or part of a pair.

Placings from all affiliated TREC GB competitions will count, but not placings at any TREC variation competitions (Versatile TREC Horse, Score TREC, etc). All affiliated TREC GB competitions run in 2022 will count for the 2022 league.

Two leagues will be run:

Level 1 and 2 (individuals and pairs)

Level 2a, 3 and 4 (individuals and pairs)

Points: 1st = 10, 2nd = 9, etc for all levels.

Pairs points are accrued by each individual rider (eg if Jackie and Sue are both CTG members who ride as a pair and come second, they each get 9 points. If Jackie then rides with Jane at another competition and they are third then Jackie will have a total of 17 points, Sue 9 and Jane 8).

The best 3 placings will be totalled and the highest points total wins. In the event of equality, the MA + PTV scores will be totalled for the competitions being counted and the highest total will win.

Placings from any competition run after the rider joined CTG will count. At the end of the season the TREC GB league tables will be used to collect all the results gained by Central members and calculate the standings.