Voting now open for Katy Memorial Trophy

Please can members take a look at the nominees for the Katy Memorial Trophy (CTG Horse of the Year) and vote for the horse of their choice. One vote per member. Details of the nominees and voting form are available on our calendar page. A direct link to the voting form is available here. Voting closes on 15 November and the winner will be announced at our AGM on 17th November.

Park Farm Results

We hope that you all had a great day out at Park Farm. Despite storm Hannah putting in an appearance on Saturday and the associated challenges of building a PTV course in a gale the weather on Sunday was definitely with us and the sun even put in an appearance for parts of the day. Once again we have to thank the small army of helpers who supported the competition, with out them these events could not run.

Scores were released on the day and prizes presented. Please see below the results sheets. Results for all phases are included in the overall results for that level, just scroll down. Unfortunately it wouldn’t split out the pairs and newcomers from individuals so you have to find your details from the whole list.

Level 1 overall

level 1 pairs overall

1a individual overall

1a pairs overall

Newcomer overall

Central Summer Season Challenge

We are running a challenge through the summer season to add an extra dimension to our TREC season. For a the list of challenges see the Central Challenge Data sheet or take a look at our calendar page.

Challenge runs from 1 April 2019 – 30 September 2019
Open to all Central Trec Group members (including supporter members). There will be two challenge prizes presented one to the highest placed member and one to the highest placed helper (non-riding member).

Aim: To encourage members to try something new, or stretch themselves just a little bit more (and have fun!)

We have created 41 challenges ranging from helping at events, to training to competing, covering all three disciplines.

The aim is to complete as many challenges as you can during the summer season. Each challenge is worth one point, the individual with the highest number of points wins. In the event of a tie the green challenges will out weigh red, which out weigh yellow. The weightings will be 1 yellow, 1.1 red & 1.2 green (but these will only be used in event of a tie).

Each challenge can only be accounted for once – so if you compete at more than one competition run by another club you only get to claim that challenge once. Where a challenge is scaled e.g. the PTV low branches has a yellow (score at low branches), red (score more than 7) and green (score 10) if you score 10 at one competition you can only claim one challenge (e.g. the Green). If you score 10 at your next competition you can no-longer claim green, so you could claim red, and if you do the same again at a third competition you could then claim yellow – but in order to get all three you have to have done low branches 3 times and scored appropriately.

Some challenges (e.g. the helper challenges and training are only relevant at CTG events), where as others can be completed at any affiliated TREC competition.

Use the Excel version of the Central Challenge Data sheet to record which challenges you have completed at which event (including date). Results will only be accepted on this template. You will also be asked to provide evidence of results (with the appropriate parts highlighted) to help us cross check the results (these can be photographs or scans that are emailed across.
Score sheets need to be submitted by 14 October, in order for us to check results and calculate the winner.

We encourage challengers to post updates on our facebook page and to share highlights from their season with us.

Gook Luck


CTG Chairman