2023-24 CTG Winter Series arena TREC competition entry

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Winter Arena TREC series 2022/ 2023

Affiliated to TREC GB

at Moulton College Equestrian Centre, 4, Pitsford Centre, Pitsford Rd, Moulton, NN3 7QL

  • Moulton 1: Sunday 1st October 2023
  • Please complete the online form in the Schedule (available via the Calendar page) as well as paying for your round(s) here so that we have all your contact details etc. Please quote your membership number(s) in the relevant field. You are welcome to put both a TREC GB and a CTG number in the same box, they have different formats so we can tell them apart!
  • If you have joined CTG for the first time and are entering this competition, please email to request your New Member Discount. Please quote your full name and postcode so that the payment can be correctly identified.
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